About me

Hi, my name is Sandra. It’s great having you on my site. Feel free to look around to see what I have been doing.

I have been in tourism since 2000, I always knew that I’d rather work with people than be in the office. Still part of my work consists of spending some time in the office but what I like the most is packing my things and hitting the road.

As I began my professional career I didn’t know where it will take me. Marketing was something that gave me opportunity to create, to understand the market, to connect company and customers, to be creative, to write and finally to travel. Today I successfully combine marketing and tourism. When I started travelling I began to write a blog, and in the past decade I have published hundreds of articles – some online, some offline.

I’ve worked in the tourist agency, I was also the editor and a journalist of the travel magazine issued by the biggest Croatian newspaper (online and offline issue). I’ve done a marketing consulting for my clients. I had some private project such as travel lectures, photo exhibitions, web sites. I’ve done a bunch of promotional materials, managed online campaigns, created WP web pages, organised different events and much more.

I am also a licensed tour guide for Zagreb and Zagreb county. So when I’m not on a private trip, I’ll probably guide groups or do a city tour. Sometime you’ll even see me running through the city! This is something that I really enjoy doing.

I’m always ready to go on a road and I don`t go anywhere without my camera and smile. I love the African desert.

My mother language is Croatian, but I speak English as well. I know basic of German, Spanish and I have even learnt Arabic for a couple of years.

I hope my blog will inspire some of you to discover the world away from TVs. If you need a guide while in Zagreb, feel free to inquire about the Zagreb city tour.

You can also find me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Also, I will be happy to give advice and recommendations if I can, or I will probably seek the answers from my travel-friends.

Are you planning your next trip? Don`t let years pass you by.